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    Web Search ReferenceReceived DateAddress
    09/06/2017 59 Stevens Lane Breaston Derbyshire DE72 3BU
    14/07/2017 473-479 Tamworth Road Sawley Derbyshire NG10 3GR
    03/08/2017land West of 16 Salisbury Street Long Eaton Derbyshire NG10 1 BA
    22/08/2017 16 Dale Road Stanton By Dale Derbyshire DE7 4QF
    05/09/2017 7 Sawley Road Breaston Derbyshire DE72 3EF
    12/09/2017 97 Eaton Bank Little Eaton Derbyshire DE56 4BH
    20/09/2017 44 Risley Lane Breaston Derbyshire DE72 3AU
    21/09/2017(136-150 Field South West Of) Morley Lane Stanley Derbyshire
    18/09/2017Johnsons Recycling Centre Crompton Road Ilkeston Derbyshire DE7 4BG
    22/09/2017Land Known As The Orchard East Of 22 Main Street Stanton By Dale Derbyshire
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